Braces Wire Cutter Orthodontic Dental



  • Professional Dental Tools| The orthodontic wire cutter for braces is a hand-held instrument designed to quickly and efficiently cut off the wire with a small diameter. The special design keeps the wire on the beak of the forceps and does not shoot towards the oral cavity.
  • Easy to Use| The design of the Dental wire cutter is easy to operate and has a comfortable grip and working tip. You can control it to start precise operations.
  • Acid & Rust Resistance| The gold plated handle cutter can be used in the operating room, repeated disinfection, acid and rust resistance, and high-temperature resistance.
  • High Quality |Made from medical grade stainless steel sharp tip with tungsten carbide. It can be used for guitar wire cutting, follower making, and art and craft work.
  • NEWTECH PRODUCTS QUALITY| our fabrication process and products are thoroughly supervised and tested, to make sure we provide the best quality products and guaranteed customer satisfaction.
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