NEWTECH PRODUCTS Ltd Started Manufacturing & Supplying of Surgical, Dental & Beauty Instruments(Barber and thinning scissors) all over the world since 1999. Furthermore, our company is authorized and registered in United States of America. 

  • How we started:

Our family is very much engaged in the Scissors, Surgical and Dental manufacturing industry. Producing reliable Products at a reasonable price is our passion. We examine our market, and we feel there is a gap between quality of  Products and affordable prices.

  • What we Manufacture:

NEWTECH PRODUCTS manufacture the desired range of hair-cutting scissorsthinning scissors, Surgical, and Dental Intruments. Each Category is explained with complete description. See for detail Our Products.

  • How we manufacture:

We take starting from stainless steel buying and cuts in required sizes. After heating the steel, we used a press hammer, got the necessary shape of steel, trimmed the rough area, and got the final forging piece. After that, we do different processes like drilling, milling, heat temper treatment, ring inside grinding, outside grinding, scissor blade inside and outside grinding, rough setting, scissor straightening, scissor hollow grinding, passivation, polishing, washing, screw fixing, adjustment of the scissor, edging and cutting the check. We finally packed as per Customer advice.

  • How we control Quality:

We always love to make each pair of scissors with proper care, so that’s why we check the labor work in each process. We never passed the Products, which are not meet our quality requirements. In the end, Quality Control team personally check the Scissors/Surgical and Dental’ quality.

  • Why we are different than other local makers:

We are a research-based company, and we start manufacturing with a mission to serve the people who want quality Scissors, Surgical and Dental Products at an affordable. Our prices and quality both have a good match-up. Here in Sialkot, many people supply these Products. The majority of these Porducts are low standard and not cut for a good period. Most of the importers from around the world disappoint with the quality level. Our company kept all these things in mind and brought improvement in our Scissors, Surgical and Dental products from time to time. Our customers are happy with the quality of the Products we manufacture and supply.

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