Our experience in manufacturing & Supply of “Surgical and Dental instruments & Beauty Instruments”, systematically,uncompromisingly and precisely to all over the World.

A second outcome is quality with the greater pace of technological advancement, and our deeper commitment to it. The Quality is our watchword. We pursue it relentlessly from development through production to service and customer support. Precision is a very important factor in our process. We view precision not only in terms of manufacturing,but also in whole surgical procedure as an integrated system. Hence to develop the function more precisely, we share expertise opinion. All instruments are hand-crafted and minor deviation in size and weight may occur which does not effect the function and reliability of an instrument.


The use of inferior-quality Steel is a setback for our Scissor, Dental, and Surgical industry, and inconsistent quality is also an issue for international Buyers. Most suppliers do not even know about the international quality standard and get substandard Scissors/Dental/Surgical from the market and supply them to their customers, ruining the goodwill of the industry. NEWTECH PRODUCTS Corporation has been involved in the  manufacturing process Since 1999, and delivering the excellent Quality for Customer satisfaction to all over the World.

Our Company started manufacturing in Scissors, Dental, and Surgical in  Japanese Stainless Steel 420/440c/French /German Metal . After some time, a few customers asked us for the best steel, and the company moved one step up and chose 440c Japanese steel & Jaguar for our Products.

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