Distal end Cutter Tungsten Carbide Inserts Premium Quality



  • HIGH QUALITY GOLDEN DOT SERIES PRODUCT: This is high quality product with the German tungsten carbide tip. Its handle is designed with the slip resistant surface marked with the golden dots. Its hinge is durable and offer a smooth movement in operating.
  • EASY TO CUT THE BRACES WIRE If the braces wire is poking to your cheek at the end, this plier is the solution. Just engage the wire and cut it in a second. When you use this pliers it will also hold the cut off part and will not let it to injure the cheek.
  • BETTER APPROACH TO THE BACK TEETH WIRE It makes easier to approach the wire at the back because of its small head.
  • MORE VISIBILITY IN USE AND SOFT EDGES The cutting area remain more visible because of its smaller cutting head. The edges are smooth and will not hurt the cheeks or lips.
  • DURABLE HIGH-QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: Forged from medical grade stainless steel, you can depend on this wire cutter and it will last for many years.


Original Product Guaranteed.

Extra Strong Distal End cutter for Dental Work and Orthodontics. It is a high-quality product that should not be compared with the other cheaper products in the market. Its tungsten carbide inserts are well designed for long-lasting cutting qualities and durability. Its safety hold action for the cut off part of wire works great. Handles are gold plated and ergonomically designed. This cutter can be used to cut 0.018, 0.020 and up to 0.019X0.025 wires

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